Sending Messages

Json V2 protocol and XML V2 protocol allows you to use multiple communication channels with your audience simultaneously: PUSH, messenger apps, and SMS. If the Message is delivered by any channel, further sending of the Message to other channels is stopped.
Access details and URLs:

Parameters Value
Provider Role Server
Client Role Client
URL of the API{client_id}
Method POST
HTTP Authentication Basic
Mandatory header Content-Type (JSON): application/json
Content-Type (XML): application/xml
HTTP Login/Password TBA by GMS in technical plan

Query parameters are divided into two types: mandatory and optional. If at least one mandatory parameter is missing, the request is not accepted by platform. Each of the Message communication channels has its own unique parameters. A description of all request parameters is provided in the Description Of The Request Parameters section.
Examples of single Messages requests are described in the following sections: Example of Push+Viber+SMS Message request, Example of Viber+SMS Message request, Example of Viber Message request, Example of SMS Message request, Example of WhatsApp Message request.
The platform returns a response on your request (Response to a single Message request).