Get campaign status report

The campaign status request allows you to receive information about the processing status of your campaign.
To receive campeign status, use the following authorization options and URL:

Parameters Value
Provider Role Server
Client Role Client
Get Job status URL{client_id}/status/{job_id}
Method GET
HTTP Authentication Basic
HTTP Login/Password TBA by GMS in technical plan

Example of campaign status:

  "messages": [
      "time": 1477417299000,
      "processed": false,
      "phone_number": "380962222222",
      "message_id": "e5ea7286-6849-52d7-9e1b-8719b736283e",
      "extra_id": "AD-6640-7007",
      "error_text": "SMS expired",
      "error_code": 35015,
      "total_sms_parts": 1,
      "accepted": true
      "time": 1477417294667,
      "processed": false,
      "phone_number": "380961111111",
      "message_id": "9f60ac8f-e721-5027-b838-e6fcb95fcd7a",
      "extra_id": "AD-6640-7006",
      "status": 2,
      "substatus": 23,
      "status_text": "SMS delivered",
      "hyber_status": 23011,
      "total_sms_parts": 1,
      "delivered_sms_parts": 1,
      "accepted": true

A description of the report parameters is provided in the Description Of The Request Parameters section.